Thank you for considering Peace of Mind Home Inspections for your home inspection. We recognize there are other companies that provide a similar service. What are our competitive advantages?

Here are Peace of Mind Home Inspections ADVANTAGES.

1. There are two (2) certified inspectors who conduct the inspection of your home. Four eyes are better than two!

2. We love to have you with us when we inspect. Most home inspection companies can generate a professional report like ours, but we offer perspective and educate you about your home. Buying a home is a huge investment so we want you to become familiar with what we find.

3. Home inspectors can be alarming. We point out potential problems without freaking anyone out. No home will be perfect in every respect. The reason for having it professionally inspected is to make a well educated decision – based on the cost + possible additional expenses to fix flaws.

4. With a background in all phases of home construction, energy management, we have a wealth of experience in building construction and home energy management.

  • Energy Auditor – having passed the NJ Green Energy Certification Program
  • Licensed professional builder and home improvement contractor.
  • Program Manager for Atlantic Electric’s Energy Conservation Programs

Currently holding NJ State Licenses:

  • Professional Home Inspector
  • Professional Termite Inspector

5. Ed Ragazzi brings an extensive background in construction. So, he can suggest time and money saving solutions to address many of the issues we discover. Our goal is to educate you and help you make the best decision about your home purchase.